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Concerned about the Second Amendment? Randy is solid.

Only one candidate in this race has been endorsed by the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association. Randy Talley was granted an A RATING back in March, but this month the OSAA ENDORSED Randy as the candidate who will honestly fight for your right to keep and bear arms, as identified in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Today the following announcement was posted on the website of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association and shared on OSAA's Facebook page:

Randy Talley (R) is ENDORSED by OK2A for HD56. We ask the voters to send this "A" Survey rated candidate to the state capital to defend and restore our rights. We ask the voters to support him on June 30th.

Don Spencer President

Oklahoma Second Amendment Association

To keep updated on the latest endorsements, bills, legal actions, legislation and laws, Like and Follow the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A) Facebook page.

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