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But he's not a politician

Yeah, that's kinda the point.

For 33 years, Randy has lived in District 56 and worked hard to advance every great institution and many worthwhile charities in the area. He worked for 27 years at USAO in communications, while consulting area and state businesses in marketing and communications. For nearly seven years, he's been a senior vice president for communications at First National Bank & Trust Co. For the last decade, he has served as chairman of the advisory board for The Salvation Army of Grady and Caddo Counties.

What we have in southwest Oklahoma is a wealth of resources -- the best people, rich land, resourceful entrepreneurs, and energy to sell. There's no reason why we can't address our needs without bankrupting the taxpayer. I'd be honored to represent your family in District 56.

Randy Talley is the fourth son of Max and Johnetta Talley of Anadarko. Raised to work in the family's businesses, Randy learned from his dad what resourceful thinking will create. The late Max Talley (1931-2011) was a hard-working entrepreneur -- rancher, inventor, restauranteur, business developer and family man. The Talleys taught their sons and daughter the value of investing wisely in small businesses -- the engine for growth in every community. Randy is the grandson of rancher-banker John Stalder, who served agriculture and business as an officer at Anadarko Bank & Trust Co. for more than 40 years.


As a committed Christian, Randy recognizes the impact of faith on the family and community. "My parents were not raised in Christian homes. But they came to know Christ while raising five children, mom in 1964 and dad in 1973. What an extraordinary change in our family dynamic. The transformative power of the Gospel changed them, and they taught us that following Christ wasn't merely a social or spiritual experience. It changes the way you see every person in the community, and it produces service and charity. Dad served on the city council, and then as vice mayor. He was a deacon, taught Sunday School, and volunteered for countless charity efforts in Caddo County, while running several businesses. My mindset is the same: we serve to give not to climb.

“Informed by biblical values, the faith community in America built this government —unique from all other forms of government because it recognizes authority in the people not men of power or bloodline,” Talley said. “The faith community also built virtually all the universities, hospitals, orphanages and charities. Yet today, silencing all people of faith is the highest priority of many bureaucrats and star voices in the pop culture. People who respect the scripture don’t hate or wish to silence opposing voices. Popular atheists embrace this unpopular fact. Christian people don't want a theocracy -- not at the time of our founding and not now. Tolerance is a Christian value."

In addition to The Salvation Army of Grady and Caddo Counties, Randy serves the new ACTS (Affirming Community Through Service) ministry as an administrator. He also volunteers for Life Choices Chickasha and every service opportunity available through Trinity Baptist Church in Chickasha.

He's been a standing member of the Chickasha Chamber and volunteered for its events since 1986.

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