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Accountability fuels success

"Accountability" is Talley’s favorite word. His kids might be kinda sick of hearing it.

He sought to encourage it during 30 years in higher education, as a consultant to major Oklahoma firms, and in his current career in banking. “The future belongs to those students, citizens, leaders, parents and pastors who take personal responsibility for their decisions and work. Initiative and faith are the bedrock of our success in the West.”

“Let’s stop blaming our parents for our defeats, our teachers for our grades and our society for our circumstances,” Talley said. “God has blessed us with freedom and opportunity. No matter the setbacks we face, we are surrounded by churches, charities and government programs designed to fuel our potential. Let’s get moving!”

This philosophy ought to apply to government, Talley says. Accountability for government means answering to the people for every right infringed, every tax added and every service rendered.

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