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Filing day was a COVID adventure!

I was warned that April 8 would be a wild adventure. It was filing day and hundreds of candidates for Oklahoma offices would be filing at the State Election Board Secretary's office -- except this year would be different because the global pandemic would send all of us outside. [Watch the video below.]

With Oklahoma's insane weather, and long lines predicted, state officials added two extra days so the annual filing day would become three - April 8-10. I didn't want to risk missing out since any errors in paperwork or any missed steps would result in being disqualified. It's happened a few times in history and I didn't want it happening to me!

We've already knocked on hundreds of doors and raised more than $25,000 at this point, so it would have been a crushing humiliation and a big disappointment to the great people who've put their trust in me.

I arrived at 9:30 a.m. to a well-organized group of state officials on the Capitol south parking lot. They were organized at tables and welcome stations, and everyone was wearing a mask -- including me. The number of candidate cars waiting in lines, however, was ZERO. It was both wonderful and strange. I was alone in this parking lot with two dozen election officials but no crowd. Quickly my paperwork, having been properly notarized and precertified, was submitted and I was done. The process lasted about five minutes.

Let's hope the rest of this adventure -- my first campaign -- goes as smoothly.

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