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'He gets things done!'

People give me credit for working with local teams to get things done, but I have enjoyed such incredible partners in so many projects. When the hospital needed to expand in order to fight off federal overreach, I worked with great doctors and community members to build support for that project. Brilliant team leaders actually conceived and built the new hospital addition; I can take no credit for that. But I enjoyed building support behind the effort. Teamwork makes the dream work!

When the local Chamber of Commerce wanted to revitalize itself and build membership, I worked with a local team to imagine and develop a Civic Hall of Fame annual awards show and media campaign. Now it sells out every year.

When USAO wanted to stage a national production of the award-winning musical 'Te Ata', I worked with Chickasaw tribal officials, state agencies and the college's leadership team to produce a plan that drew audiences from across Oklahoma and Texas. Nobody thought we could fill that huge auditorium for eight nights in Chickasha, America, we got it done.

I love this district. I'm a part of the six generations of my family that love this district. I am delighted to help with every project that builds its communities, civic pride and economic health.

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