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Where do we stand as we enter the final quarter?

The primary election is June 30, less than three months away. This is the final stretch. You may have questions, like, how's this race going? How much money have we raised? What has my thick-headed candidate learned so far?

Well, since I've never run for office before, absolutely everything is new to me. But honestly, people are wonderful and supportive, and I've learned so much from knocking on doors or calling more than 500 people so far. (I need to talk to another 2,000 before I reach my manager's goal, but I feel great from what I'm hearing.)

I'm learning a lot from the voters. To my surprise, they aren't hammering me with questions about policy. They're concerned about character. Seriously. People have so many bad experiences to share -- situations where they felt as if a person in public office misled them or failed to keep a promise. I can't promise to keep every citizen in this diverse rural district happy, but I can promise never to lie. And I do promise never to lie. No relationship -- personal, professional or political -- can survive lies.

I want more transparency in government. Lots more. In the interest of keeping that priority, let me say thank you to the 114 donors to this campaign who have together contributed $31,900 so far. It takes a lot more than that to win some House Districts, so I hope you'll join the Talley Team. We've made it super easy to donate online right now.

You need a State Representative who knows the district and shares its values. I absolutely believe I am that candidate.

Here we are posting a sign at The Crow's Roost north of Fort Cobb in Caddo County with my childhood friend Janet McCullough Scheurmann.

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